This sobering question is the heart of our wealth transfer services. While we sincerely wish that you will have the opportunity to retire on your own terms, the reality is that the unexpected can happen, derailing your best plans. We can help you put a plan in place that will allow your hard work to continue without you.

By asking questions and listening to your visions and dreams, we will help you build a solid foundation that will allow your legacy to live on (and on and on).

We ask: can your business survive without you?
  • If you own a business could it survive without you?
  • How would your bills get paid? 
  • How would your absence affect your key customers? 
  • Would the managers and employees know what your wishes are for the business, your legacy?
  • Did you plan to sell your business? If so, to whom? 
  • Or would you like to leave your business to your children? This can get tricky if you have children who are in the business and children who aren’t, but we'll help you smoothly prepare and care for them equally so as not to cause a family rift.
Then we check and double-check what you have in place.
  • We request all documents to confirm they are in line with your goals for your business and family: Wills, Trusts, medical directives, operation agreements, key employee contracts, etc… 
  • We'll work with your attorneys and other advisors to make sure everyone in on the same page with regards to your goals. If you don't have attorneys, we'll help you secure one and set up the appropriate legal documents.
  • We review ownership of all assets to assure they're in line with your will. This is a critical step because any assets that aren’t titled correctly may not legally follow your wishes.
We wrap up by creating a strategy for the future

Once we have built a foundation for your estate and legacy planning, we can start to look at the best strategies to continue to build your wealth as efficiently as possible. We do this using our vast suite of investment and insurance programs.  However, no strategy assures success or protects against loss.