In business, planning is power and buying time to weigh options and make decisions only increases that power. This is where our succession planning services shine.

By taking the steps to plan out what will happen to your business after you step aside, you've placed your business in an advantageous position. Not only will you have a longer lead-time to consider purchasers or transition successors, but you may be able to reduce income, estate, and gift taxes. You'll certainly have more time to provide peace of mind to employees, business partners, creditors, and family members. 

Fellows Financial Group has worked with business owners on developing succession plans that work for their businesses. We do this by working through dozens of competing and sometimes conflicting issues:

  • Should the business stay in the family or should you sell?
  • How and when should you transfer control?
  • How do you communicate and document your goals and vision?

We will help you sort through these options and write a succession plan that secures the present while planning for the future.