Intergenerational Wealth Planning: A Win-Win for the Whole Family

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Wealth transfer is a sensitive topic within families. But addressing it is crucial to ensuring that a planning process is created and passes from one generation to the next. Discussing the transfer of wealth from parents to children can be uncomfortable for both parties. Yet by introducing children to the wealth management process from a young age, affluent families may … Read More

Using Life Insurance to Ensure Business Continuity

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The loss of critical personnel can be life threatening to small businesses; however, it’s a risk that life insurance can often mitigate. In fact, life insurance policies are frequently incorporated in plans aimed at making it possible for a business to survive a change of ownership or the loss of a partner, the chief executive, or an employee whose creative … Read More

Why Women Need to Save More Than Men

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Men and women may not be on equal footing when it comes to investing for the future. On average, women work fewer years and earn less than men, but they also tend to live longer.1 Therefore, women must focus on the concerns that are unique to them when planning for retirement. Women Don’t Invest Differently … Unfortunately, some negative stereotypes … Read More