Growing up as the son of a woman entrepreneur made an impact on Fellows Financial Group's founder, Blake Fellows. He watched his mother go through all the struggles business ownership brings while fearing the "what-if," that an unexpected something could negatively change their world forever.  

It wasn’t until Blake started in the financial services industry in 2001 that he realized his mother did not have the level of security and protection needed to shield her life's efforts from the unexpected and it troubled him.  It quickly became apparent that she wasn’t the only business owner who was lacking in these areas.  In fact, most folks who own and operate their own businesses were lacking the same protection and planning as his mom

This concern stuck with Blake and, after years working in bigger financial firms that did not apply the level of caring he felt his clients deserved, he decided to found Fellows Financial Group. Today, we're proud to be a boutique financial services firm that improves the lives of our individual and business clients throughout the United States through financial independence and carefully planned futures.

Our firm's approach includes taking the time to truly connect with clients and learn how to improve their lives. We pride ourselves on marrying our transparency, trustworthiness, and accessibility with quality services that truly improve our clients' futures. We love that our days are spent helping people realize their dreams and safeguard their loved ones.

And we love that we're helping protect hardworking business owners like Blake's mother from the scary "what-if."