For more than 17 years Blake has been a trusted advisor, planner and advocate for entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals seeking personal service and deep knowledge. A Loudoun County native and a graduate of James Madison University, Blake is an active Rotarian and heavily involved in coaching sports for more than 17 years.  He has most recently joined the Board of Trustees for Youth for Tomorrow, an organization Founded by Joe Gibbs to provide children and families with the opportunity to focus their lives and develop the confidence, skills, intellectual ability, spiritual insight, and moral integrity.

Growing up in Leesburg, VA, Blake has seen a small town surrounded by dairy farms turn into an extension of our nation’s capital which boasts one of the strongest local economies in the country.  As a result, Fellows financial Group’s clients range from farmers, government contractors, technology firms, construction, and land developers, to restaurants, law firms, management consulting firms, and so on…  All with unique differences but each has a common thread of planning needs which Blake’s experiences are uniquely equipped to help advise.  Helping his team at Fellows Financial Group grow is something he takes great pleasure in and one of Blakes strongest desires is to have a team, a family of folks, who truly love what they do, enjoy each other, and can help all clients at a world-class level.